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Pendroy, Montana


Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 001.jpg

LOCATION: This unique property is located thirteen and a half (13½) miles west of Pendroy, Montana and approximately thirty-five 35 miles northwest of Choteau, Montana. Great Falls is one hundred (100) miles to the southeast of the property and home to an International Airport.

Situated on the majestic Rocky Mountain Front where Montana’s simply refer to this part of the state as “The Front.” The northern boundary of the Eastern Front begins at the south end of Glacier Park and stretches south for 110 miles to the Dearborn River. The Front is a grand sweep of jagged limestone peaks, walls, reefs and deeply cut canyons.

The front itself is a diverse wilderness range with an intrinsic value of unequaled wildness, but much of its mystique comes from what lies on either side. The western horizon is filled by the 2.5 million acres of the Bob Marshall and Great Bear Wilderness, of which The Front is an integral part. Immediately east of the Front stretches a virtually undeveloped expanse of foothills and prairie in private, State and Bureau of Land Management ownership. This makes Montana’s share of the Rocky Mountain Front the last, largest unspoiled meeting of mountains and plains between Canada and Mexico.

The Bob Marshall Wilderness is considered the nation’s premier wilderness area. Designated the nation’s first wilderness area, it contains 1 million acres. Later, Congress added the Scapegoat and Great Bear Wilderness area, totaling 1.5 million-acre complex. Big in size, grandeur and legend, “The Bob” is home to almost every big-game species in North America. Go to www.savethefront.org/index.php for more information on the “The Bob.”

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 003.jpg

LOCALE: The small town of Choteau is approximately 35 miles to the southeast. Choteau is the county seat of Teton County and has a population of 1700 people. The town was named after Pierre Choteau, President of the American Fur Company, who brought the first steamboat up the Missouri. Choteau is small ranching community and offers most services one would expect of a town this size.

Many years ago the area around Choteau was used by dinosaurs as a breeding ground. Egg Mountain is 12 miles to the west of Choteau. It is the site that has yielded more information about dinosaur biology during the Cretaceous period than any other paleontology digs in the world.

CONSERVATION: Situated along the east slope of the Rocky Mountain Front and outside of the National Forest Service boundary are several different conservation organizations that have acquired large blocks of land to preserve the land, culture, wildlife and rare plants. West of Choteau is the Nature Conservancy’s 18,000 acre Pine Butte Swamp Preserve.

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 012.jpg

The State of Montana has three large blocks of state land along “The Front” used for Wildlife Management Areas to provide refuges for thousands of elk and deer to winter on and for public use and recreation. They are as follows:

Sun River Game Range 20,000 acres
Blackleaf Game Range 10,000 acres
Ear Mountain Wildlife Management Area 3,000 acres

The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Ranch founded by the Boone and Crockett Club owns a 6000 acre ranch starting 2 miles west of the subject property that blocks up with the Lewis and Clark National Forest Service boundary. The mission of the ranch is research, teaching, and demonstration of integrated livestock/wildlife conservation that is integral
to the economic viability of private and adjacent public lands. The ranch is enrolled in Montana’s Block Management Program to offer public hunting opportunities.

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 013.jpg

DESCRIPTION: This unique Rocky Mountain Front Acreage is rolling foothills of the Rocky Mountain Front. This property offers breathtaking views of “The Front” for its backdrop which includes Walling Reef, Mount Frazer and Old Man of the Hills just to name a few peaks.

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 015.jpg

The Rocky Mountain Front Acreage is six miles from the Lewis and Clark National Forest Service boundary to the west. The State of Montana’s, Blackleaf Game Range lies between the subject property and the Forest Service Boundary to the southwest. For more information on the Lewis and Clark National Forest Service go to their web site at www.fs.fed.us/r1/lewisclark

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 019.jpg

This property is in a 16-18 inch annual precipitation zone. Elevations vary from 4660 feet on the eastern boundary and 4880 feet on the northwestern portion.

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 020.jpg

ACREAGE: The Rocky Mountain Front Acreage comprises a total of 162.24 total acres. All of the acreage is classified as grazing land and found to be native grassland.

Rocky Mountain Front2 7-26-2011 005.jpg

IMPROVEMENTS: This property has a 560 square foot log cabin with an open front porch. This cabin was built on a concrete foundation in 1999 and has two bedrooms, three-quarter bath, kitchen and living room. Domestic water is via a cistern, but the property has a drilled well having a flow of 10 GPM. Currently, this well has not been put to use.

Rocky Mountain Front1 7-26-2011 008.jpg

Rocky Mountain Front2 7-26-2011 015.jpg

IMG_3364.JPG IMG_3368.JPG

The property is fenced around it's perimeter and found to be in fair condition.

Rocky Mountain Front2 7-26-2011 011.jpg

WATER: A drilled well having 10 GPM is situated on the property, but has not been put to use.

WILDLIFE: The Rocky Mountain Front Acreage is home to Deer, Elk, Black Bear, Grizzly Bear, Grey Wolves, Mountain Lion and more. It is a recreational paradise.

Rocky Mountain Front2 7-26-2011 026.jpg

Incredibly, all of the large mammal wildlife species that historically roamed this secluded land survive today, including the Wolf, with the exception of the Buffalo. For more information on fishing and hunting go to Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks web site at http://fwp.state.mt.us/

RECREATION: Horseback riding, backpacking, hiking, mountain biking, hunting, fishing, down-hill skiing and wildlife viewing are just some of the activities this area has to offer in addition to access to the Lewis and Clark National Forest, Bob Marshall Wilderness and Great Bear Wilderness.

Rocky Mountain Front2 7-26-2011 027.jpg

Glacier National Park is only a short one hour drive to the north from the property. It is a land of mountain ranges carved by prehistoric ice rivers. It features alpine meadows, deep forests, waterfalls, glistening glaciers and sparkling lakes. The vistas seen from Going-To-The-Sun Road are breathtaking, a photographers paradise. More information about Glacier Park can be accessed from their web page at www.nps.gov/glac/home.htm.

TAXES: 2010 Real Estate Taxes wher $783.

BROKERS COMMENTS: The Rocky Mountain Front Acreage is, without question, the premiere recreational property for sale along “The Front” today. It offers an outstanding opportunity to invest in Montana, “The Last Best Place.” For more information about Montana go to www.visitmt.com

Rocky Mountain Front2 7-26-2011 028.jpg

PRICE: $239,800 cash or possible owner financing.



FOR MORE INFORMATION: E-MAIL CHARLIE WHITE 406-727-4445 (Home) 406-799-0406 (Cell)


DISCLOSURE: NOTE: The information contained herein has been supplied by the Owner to Holiday Realty and/or compiled by Holiday Realty from other sources believed to be reliable. All information contained herein is not guaranteed to be accurate and the reader of this brochure should independently verify all such information, i.e., the number of acres involved, classification of those acres, carrying capacity, estimates of productivity or yield, water rights, etc. Acreages are stated for information only. This property is being sold by the tract or unit and exact acreages are not warranted or guaranteed by the seller or agent.

Although the offices of Holiday Realty of Montana are located in Great Falls, our specialty is out-of-town property listings within a 100 mile radius. We sell Montana farms of just about any size located in the Golden Triangle wheat growing area. We offer for sale ranches in the shadow of the famous Rocky Mountain Front, or near the foothills of the Highwoods, Little Belts, or Big Belt mountains. We frequently have cabins and other recreational property in those mountains, or along Belt Creek or the blue ribbon waters of the Missouri and Sun Rivers. Whether Montana Country means plenty of acres to earn a living, or plenty of river and mountain access to have fun outdoors, Holiday Realty of Montana is your go-to realtor.

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